Travel Bucket List: Victoria Falls, Namibia

Travel Bucket List #2

Next on my travel bucket list is Victoria Falls in Namibia, Africa. What makes this place extra special besides being massive, at 5,604 feet wide, and 354 feet tall, is that there a spot in the falls called Devil’s Pool, where you can actually swim up to the edge looking over the falls. September- December is the best time to go, when the river flow and current are at a low level, and the rock barrier forms an eddy to help keep you from falling off the cliff. It is recommended though that you have someone hold you by the legs when you are taking a picture of your body somewhat over the cliff, as there have been some accidents where people have slipped off the rocks and fell off the cliff, but if you do your research and follow safety. I think this is one of those experiences where you are truly going to regret it if you don’t do it at least once in your life!





“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do” – Mark Twain

15 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List: Victoria Falls, Namibia

  1. Your pictures are – as always – fabulous! I’d never seen those falls, but have seen pictures of other places from friends who’ve been to Namibia. They all tell me it’s one of the last places still worth a visit if you want to go where the crowds of tourists haven’t arrived yet. Though from your pictures it might already be too late 🙂 Joking of course…


  2. I don’t think Victoria Falls are in Namibia – they’re on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe 😛 But wherever they may be, they are still amazing, and it’s no wonder they are on your bucket list. I wouldn’t want to get close to the edge though… 😮

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