Birthday Celebration in Westport, CT

I recently celebrated my best friend’s birthday at a restaurant called Terrain Garden Café in Westport, CT. We had brunch there which was delicious and the restaurant itself was stunning, with a lot of beautiful foliage around the store and it had an industrial/bohemian vibe.





My friend and I decided to order some scrambled eggs and fries, and my other 2 friends ordered a quiche and an eggs benedict. Also a really cute feature they had at this restaurant was they served everyone bread in a flower pot and also some apple butter.



After brunch I managed to sneak away from the table and ask our server if they could send a birthday cake to our table to celebrate my friend’s birthday. When the brownie sundae came out we all started laughing because it took my friend about 3 tries to blow out the candle.


We then spent the rest of the day getting our nails done and going shopping in Westport (which is very expensive unfortunately) but we ended up shopping in a couple of stores such as Brandy Melville, Lulu Lemon, Urban Outfitters, and I bought a pink baseball hat and a tumbler cup from Vineyard Vines, so overall the day turned out to be a much needed girly day with all my friends 🙂




“Not always sunny, but in a sunny state of mind” – Lilly Pulitzer

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